Tell us how you’re helping and join the matchmaking.

On 7-9 December, we are uniting the whole world: large and small business, government and non-government organisations, and everyone who wants to make a contribution to helping Ukraine – regardless of how big or small. Considering our neighbours’ current needs, any amount has real value!

Join the World for Ukraine Summit 2022 Philanthropist Partners:

  • Describe how you are helping Ukraine and inspire others. Let the world hear about your involvement in providing assistance.
  • Learn about the reality of today’s heroes and become one of them. You will have the chance to exchange experiences and establish new forms of cooperation.
  • Your support will assist a specific project carried out by one of the trusted and verified organisations with which the World for Ukraine Foundation cooperates. These are organisations with a deep understanding of the biggest challenges facing the inhabitants of Ukraine. They perform their projects in cooperation with local Ukrainian non-governmental partners and with the help and authorisation of Ukrainian government representatives.


  • You manage a socially responsible business and are not indifferent to the fate of the people struggling with the consequences of the cruel war being waged in Ukraine.
  • Your organisation provides ongoing support to aid actions for refugees from beyond the eastern border, but plans to expand its activities beyond the borders of our country.
  • You would like to help but don’t know how. You think that only large enterprises are able to provide real assistance.


  1. Contribute any amount – you pay as much as you want to and as much as you can. 90% of the funds will be allocated directly to projects aimed at helping people affected by the war in Ukraine. The remaining 10% covers the event’s organisational expenses.
  2. Share Your Story Zone – each Philanthropist Partners will obtain a special space in which they will be able to share their experience.
  3. Enterprises that join the program will be featured on our social media to show others that helping is worthwhile.
  4. No divisions – one objective. We do not divide the organizations into larger and smaller ones. The overriding purpose is helping Ukraine, which has been affected by the consequences of Russia’s aggression.

The projects supported by the W4UA Foundation address one of three areas:
(1) humanitarian assistance to persons in Ukraine and refugees in neighbouring countries; (2) reconstruction of urban areas and infrastructure; and (3) education and culture. All projects supported by the Foundation are implemented by proven non-governmental partners. A detailed list of the costs of each project is available upon the partner’s request. The list of supported projects will be published before the event.