Code of Conduct for Organizations Operating in Ukraine:

A Joint Initiative for Transparency
and Anti-Corruption Efforts

On 29th September 2023, more than 60 organizations signed the Code of Conduct regulating their operations in Ukraine. The objective of the initiative is to strengthen civil society operating in Ukraine and encourage responsible behaviours. This code aims to ensure the efficiency of relief efforts while increasing transparency and accountability. The code also suggests that organizations in Ukraine can play an important role in ensuring that corrupt practices are properly reported.

This form allows non-governmental organization to join the W4UA Code of Conduct initiative. By signing this conduct, you express your interest in implementing the principles and values that this Code promotes. Once you fill out the details, we will be in contact with you to provide information about the next steps.

    While many organizations have already signed the Code of Conduct, it is still open to signatures. All humanitarian organizations operating in Ukraine can join the initiative by committing to the rules set out in the Code.

    Read more about the benefits of the code of conduct
    for your organization (by Future for Ukraine)

    The Code of Conduct is a joint initiative of the World for Ukraine Foundation, Ukraine Focus, Rotary International, Razom, Future for Ukraine, the Global Empowerment Mission, Project Nadiya, Let’s do it Ukraine, and the Washington-based Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS). We continue to develop the group behind this initiative and welcome new input and participation.

    The initial signatories are:

    Video: First day of 2023 World for Ukraine summit in Rzeszów concludes (TVP World)

    Objectives of the initiative:

    1. Raising awareness

    The initiative of the Code of Conduct first and foremost is raising awareness about desirable and ethical conduct, highlighting key values and principles that should accompany any organization operating in Ukraine. To do so, we open the possibility to sign the Code of Conduct to the broadest array of non-governmental organizations.

    1. Capacity-building

    The signature, however, is not enough. Therefore, with the group of organizations behind the initiative, we develop group meetings and trainings that specify ways in which organizations can each implement these principles: from detailed reporting of humanitarian aid distributions to the communication via social media. Once an organization signs the Code of Conduct, they are invited to join these online capacity-building meetings.

    1. Implementation

    Lastly, it is up to each organization to internally implement these values. This may require adjustments to the processes, administration and/or reporting techniques. This should be a group effort that many staff members are aware and a part of. We are certain that implementing the Code will bring benefits not only to the organization themselves, perhaps will improve their credibility in front of possible donors, but will also strengthen Ukraine’s civil society more broadly.

    To learn more about the context of the initiative see also: 

    “A code of conduct is a tool which brings many benefits. It can help build a reputation for your charity and demonstrate to donors that you are committed to the same values as them. We need to increase the awareness of the importance of a code of conduct. In the heart of charity, our Code of Conduct illuminates our path, ensuring that every action we take reflects the unwavering integrity of our mission.”

    Olena Nikolaienko, President FFU USA & Poland, Head of Strategy and Development FFU International

    Rebuilding Ukraine is one of the greatest common challenges for Europe in the coming years. To meet this challenge, the involvement of many entities and close cooperation with Ukrainian authorities at all levels, including the local level, is essential. Therefore, we welcome the initiative to regulate the rules of conducting these activities, as it will help build greater trust and bring Ukraine even closer to Europe – also in the context of European business standards, which our companies attach great importance to.”

    Rafał Dutkiewicz, President of the Employers’ Confederation of Poland