• Funding size: 150 000 USD per school
  • Implementing partner: CORE Response in partnership with the Ministry of Education UA & local partner NGO SavED


Due to the Russian full-scale invasion, 2.321 education institutions were damaged by bombing and shelling, 329 completely destroyed, 31.6% schools all over Ukraine have no shelters. Offline educational processes are only possible when buildings are duly repaired and have arranged bomb shelters.

Short description:

COREResponse is building and repairing safe shelters with digital learning resources in rural schools in Chernihiv and Kyiv regions, which will allow the educational process restoration and will also guarantee safety during air raids for children and school staff. It will also ensure continuity of educational processes and provide digital tools for education. Air raid shelters with digital learning centers (DLC) are the key to safety of children and continuity of the educational process.

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