• Funding size: 170 000 USD
  • Implementing partner: CORE Response in partnership with the Kryvyi Rih Regional administration and local NGO partner ‘Unity of Responsible Citizens’


Since the war has started,230 000 IDPs have applied to Dnipro State Military administration for information and services. Dnipro State Military administration has organized 177 points for provision services to IDPs. Still, Dnipro State Military administration is struggling to cover the needs of all arriving

IDPs as the warfare persist in the nearing territories. Dnipro State Military administration has assessed the needs for covering IDPs with services and information, and identified considerable gaps in technical capacity as well as lack of trained personnel to deliver services. Vulnerable IDPs require special technical assistance and attention of trained personnel especially when applying for state services or humanitarian aid.

Short description:

CORE Response will set up Informational Center for IDPs arriving to Kryvyi Rih city and region to ensure dissemination of update and relevant information on available assistance, services, opportunities, as well as provide minimum specialized social and legal support. The purpose is to build capacity of state Informational centers for IDPs ensure provision of technical online/offline consultations of a social services/legal adviser. CORE’s IDPs regional information center will support a multi-format platform for dissemination of information via telephone line (for people who prefer verbal communication, especially elderly), and via digital format solutions (with built in connection to messengers), e-mail for those being confident with digital tools to address IDPs’ requests. The last objective is also to provide technical assistance for local administration including procurement of

special equipment to ensure smooth swift document workflow for provision of services for IDP, especially vulnerable ones repair of state premises for administrative services.

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