09.12.2022, 11:00 - 12:30 Conference Room B - Level 1 Human security and transitional justice

Human trafficking of today is a constant effort by perpetrators to find a victim who is socially weak, vulnerable and susceptible enough to manipulation that she/he will take the fraudulent offer as chance for a better life. Russia’s brutal invasion on Ukraine caused millions of Ukrainians, mostly women and children, to cross the Ukrainian border. Many of them fled in a hurry, often with a single bag, sometimes without money or documents, often on foot. In the deep winter of 2022, they set foot on the territories of Poland and other neighboring countries. They were scared, tired, frozen, hungry. They were ideal victims. Polish society, as well as many others, offered support including hot soup and a place to sleep. But was it enough? Was it possible to protect Ukrainians from ill fate, crime, and exploitation? Winter is coming again and we see another wave of Russian aggression. The panelists will be confronted with a key question: can we do anything better? The answer is obvious: we have to! But who should do it? And how?