Dr Stanisław Mazur is a medical doctor, specialist in internal diseases and cardiologist, scholarship holder in Hamburg and Philadelphia, and author of several scientific publications. He is a precursor of private health care in Rzeszów. For over 33 years, Dr Mazur and his family have been running the Medyk Medical Center – the first private medical company in the city of Rzeszów, one of the fastest growing networks of medical facilities in the Podkarpackie Province. Currently, the Medyk Medical Center provides services to over half a million patients, 8,000 companies and employs a total of over 1,000 people. During the COVID-19 pandemic, he actively participated in the pandemic prevention efforts by creating hundreds of testing sites and vaccination clinics, as well as isolatories for patients and medics working in COVID wards. Dr Mazur is a winner of many awards, including the award of the Patient Rights Ombudsman “Golden Leader” in the Healthcare competition 2019. In 2021, he received the PR Wings award for communication and crisis management of the vaccination process. From the very beginning of the conflict in Ukraine, he was deeply involved in helping people who fled violence. He is the originator and main founder of the emergency accommodation point for refugees at Full Market in Rzeszów, a medical clinic dedicated exclusively to Ukrainian refugees, the Language Institute, where Ukrainians with medical degree have the opportunity to learn Polish language and the “Little Medyk” kindergarten for children from Ukrainian families.

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