Monika Plata is a speech and language therapist and an intercultural educator. In 2014-2020, she worked with Polish bilingual patients in London, including at the Family Clinic operating at the Polish Psychologists’ Association; Polish Saturday schools: Hounslow, South Croydon, Willesden Green and the Polish School of the Polish Embassy in London; Poland Medical Private Medical Practice; Healthy Body Clinic ManualMed. Monika collaborated with the London-based foundation Aphasia Re-Connect, offering help to people suffering from aphasia as a result of stroke. In 2015-2017, Monika was an assistant at the Department of Polish Diaspora, and in 2017-2020 at the Department of Health Sciences at the Polish University Abroad in London (PUNO). From 2016 to 2020, she conducted a number of speech therapy classes at PUNO and was also the head of the University Speech Therapy Clinic. Since 2020, Monika is an assistant at the Institute of Social Sciences of the Polish Academy of Social Sciences and Humanities in London (PASSH). In April this year, she took a position as the president of the Association of Schools of Mother Subjects established by PASSH. She is also a member of the Ethics Committee of the Polish Society of Neurologopedists and occasionally presents as a court expert in the fields of speech therapy and neurologopedics. Currently, she is the medical director of the NEURO Specialist Clinic, specializing in the rehabilitation of children and adults with neurological deficits.

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