Maryana Zaviyska has over 15 years expertise in Ukrainian civil society development and good understanding of current rapidly changing situation in Ukrainian and sector context. She works as a facilitator of transformation processes with organizations working in the social change and development sector in Eastern Europe and Balkan countries. Her expertise is in the fields of stakeholder dialogues and collaborations. Her work comprises building partnerships in complex multi-stakeholder initiatives ranging across the development spectrum. Since 2017 Maryana Zaviyska has been a Project Manager and Facilitator at the Collective Leadership Institute, a cutting edge NGO working on changing the collaboration paradigm towards a vision that values interdependence, interconnection, compassion, care, and respect. Maryana Zaviyska guides individuals and organizations through processes that build collaboration capacities in the expectation of developing productive collaboration cultures within organizations and through and across thematic sectors. In Ukraine Maryana Zaviyska is coordinating Collective Leadership Hub (