09.12.2022, 13:30 - 15:00 Conference Room C - Level 1 Economic recovery

Ukrainian-Swiss Business Association

Ukraine now has a vibrant startup ecosystem, one of the leading ones in Eastern Europe. The very nature of startups makes them more adaptable to all changing environments and, thus, more resilient. However, external factors such as power cuts and the absence of heating do take their toll. Multiple international initiatives are helping startups with this. According to the Google CEE report, Ukrainian startups are showing incredible resilience despite the war and recession, with enterprise value growing 3.3x since 2020. CEE startups are ranked among the highest in Europe for jobs created per Euro of venture capital invested. In our panel, we will discuss the state of the Ukrainian startup ecosystem, various initiatives and partnerships that have spawned throughout 2022 and discuss what can be further done to harness the innovative potential of the Ukrainian startups in the current circumstances.