07.12.2022, 16:00 - 17:00 Conference Room A - Level 0 Humanitarian relief projects

Volunteers have been a backbone of humanitarian action since the outbreak of the war. From the front lines to the offices of refugee, translation and legal assistance centers – volunteers are found everywhere. Without a multi-million army of volunteers handling this crisis would have been impossible. What are some of the best practices in regards to the gathering, training, treatment, and empowerment of volunteers? While some NGOs focus on the rapid expansion of a volunteering network, others commit critical resources to the training of volunteers prior to their deployment. The work of volunteers in this war-specific context also raises the questions of ‘helping the helpers’. Volunteers are themselves vulnerable to trauma, stress, burnout, and PTSD and it is important to adequately mitigate these risks. This panel discussion – taking place only two days after the UN International Volunteers Day – discusses these and other aspects of volunteering with both small and big, Ukrainian and foreign NGO representatives.



  • Iryna Pulvas