Michał Szachmat – Board Member of the Association of Ukrainians in Poland Przemyśl Branch; Coordinator of projects aimed to support refugees from Ukraine funded by Polish Humanitarian Action, including Temporary Rapid Assistance Programme (TeRA)for People Who Fled Ukraine; sworn translator of Ukrainian language; volunteer. Since the beginning of the full-scale armed conflict in Ukraine, he has been involved in providing assistance and coordinating activities organised by the Association of Ukrainians in Poland, Przemyśl Branch, the centre of which has been the Ukrainian House in Przemyśl. This institution established the city’s first, still functioning shelter for refugees and has coordinated the work of about 900 volunteers-translators, who have been active since the first days of the crisis. The volunteers-translators are, among others, present round-the-clock at the Railway Station in Przemyśl. Moreover, the employees and volunteers attempt to comprehensively assist refugees from Ukraine in the following areas: psychological support, integrative events, food and NFI support, financial support, assistance in searching for accommodation and employment, teaching Polish language, activities for children, engaging refugees in volunteering etc. The Association coordinates these activities and monitors current needs of refugees from Ukraine staying in the region.