Since the attack of the Russian Federation on Ukraine, Michał T. Łukasiewicz has been actively involved in international humanitarian aid projects, coordinating and leading aid convoys, participating in the evacuation of the population, supporting the activities of foreign media covering the war. Social activist, traveler, TV producer and presenter. Over the years associated with TVP, TVN, also working with CBS News, CNBC, RTE. Entertainer, guest of many radio and TV programs including foreign ones – German ZDF and Arab Al Jazzer. Winner of many honors and awards for his activities and work, including from the Polish Tourist Organization, Vienna’s CIFFT and Germany’s DLG. He has led EU projects in the arms sectors, and served as the right-hand press attaché of the Polish Embassy in the US. Author of projects promoting active tourism in Poland and the world. Since 2017, he has been associated with Ukraine and Kiev.