She was born on 23.11.1980 in Dnipro. Thanks to her parents she developed creative abilities, love for music, nature, poetry, care for everything that surrounds a person. During school years, she entered the practice of the Dnipro television channel. Fascinated by this activity, she decided to continue her studies in this direction. In 1998 she graduated from high school and at the invitation of the TV channel moved to Kyiv. She got married. In 1999, while working, she entered the Ukrteleradiopressinstitute and graduated as a director. Worked at the TV channel as an assistant to the chief director. In 2002 she left the activity devoting herself to her family. In 2012, after the divorce, she started looking for new opportunities and started her own business in the cosmetics industry. 2014 – supported the Maidan, inspired by the changes, after the Russian aggression, began to actively support the Armed Forces and volunteers. Since 2016 she has started working at Skvara Innovations as a sales manager of equipment in the field of HORECA. She worked as the head of sales and service department. With the beginning of the Great Russian-Ukrainian war, she joined the volunteer network “Vezha”. Moved to Odesa HumHub and lead several projects, namely: “Khupava” – support of people of Mykolaiv, pet project “Cute and Shaggy” and project “TakMed” – medicines for hospitals and for our military, collection of tactical first aid kits.