Krzysztof Stanowski is a member of the regional board of the underground Solidarity movement, a political prisoner, and co-founder of the independent scouting in Poland (1988). Since 1989, he has been a co-founder and leader of various non-governmental organisations including the Education for Democracy Foundation and the Zagranica Group. He is an experienced trainer and educator active in Eastern Europe, Central Asia and Mongolia. Author of numerous educational programmes and publications concerning NGO management and civic education. Krzysztof is also a coordinator of long-term development cooperation and democracy support programmes in Eastern Europe, Central Asia and Africa. Member of the Steering Committee of the World Movement for Democracy, as well as Ashoka fellow. Furthermore, he has served as under-Secretary of State in the Ministry of Education of Poland (2007-2010) and Ministry of Foreign Affairs (2010-2011). He was the President of Solidarity Fund PL – Polish Democracy Support Agency (2012-2017). Since 2013, he is a co-organiser of the Polish support for the Revolution of Dignity. Co-founder of Civic Committee of the Solidarity with Ukraine. Member of the Polish-Ukrainian Dialogue Group. On February 23, 2022 he co-founded Lublin Civic Committee to Aid Ukraine – an umbrella organization to integrate assistance from local government and NGOs. Since 2022, he is a member of Committee of Experts on the Intercultural Integration of Migrants Council of Europe.

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