Anna Cerutti has been working in the humanitarian sector for 12 years before with International Non-Governmental Organizations and the United Nations and, then with the Red Cross Movement, holding multidisciplinary positions in emergency response and recovery operations in a total of 23 countries in the Middle East, Africa and Europe. Since June 2022 she manages IFRC/PCK Ukraine and Impacted countries operation in Poland focused on Multi-Purpose Cash, Shelter and Mental Health and Psychosocial support. Anna is enthusiastic by nature and fulfilled while working towards social and humanitarian objectives, as well as while sharing knowledges creating occasions to capitalize know‐how within teams. She has good communication skills and experience in dealing with donors and medias. Anna holds a master’s degree in diplomacy and two bachelor’s degree in International Relations and International Science. She also has Cash and Voucher Certification CaLP level I and level II.