Terms and Conditions for Registration and Participation – W4UA Summit

Version 1 – 2022-07-01

General Provisions

  1. The following Terms and Conditions regulate the registration process for the 1st Edition of the World for Ukraine (W4UA) Summit 2022.
  2. Definitions:
    1. Event – the World for Ukraine (W4UA) Summit,
    2. Organizer – the event organizer, CWK Operator Sp. z o.o. based in Rzeszów-Jasionka, Poland,
    3. Event location – G2A Arena, the Exhibition and Congress Centre of the Podkarpackie Region located in Jasionka 953, Rzeszów-Jasionka, Poland,
    4. Event date – 17-19 October 2022,
    5. Registration – online registration mechanism whereby participants may register to the event,
    6. Active participant – speakers and/or panelists,
    7. Regular participants – participants registered to the event,
    8. Website – w4ua.com,
    9. Venue – G2A Arena Rzeszów-Jasionka,
    10. Public interest – means in particular actions are taken to protect the health and life of participants, organizers and partners of the event.
  3. Adherence to these Terms and Conditions is a prerequisite for participation in the event.
  4. Any inquiries relating to these Terms and Conditions should be directed to the registration coordinator to: registration@w4ua.com
  5. These Terms and Conditions may be subject to occasional changes. Valid Terms and Conditions will always be available on the w4ua.com website.

Registration and terms of payment for the event

  1. Registration for the event is a prerequisite for participation.
  2. Registration is done through the event website: https://w4ua.com/registration/ (direct link: https://bilety.g2aarena.pl/product/w4ua-summit-2022/)
  3. The registration process is divided into the following stages:
    1. Stage I – Choose ticket type
      1. Standard – regular ticket for 450 PLN. This includes: participation in all discussion panels, lunch in the catering area, access to the the networking area, access to the expo zone.
      2. Business VIP – ticket aimed for more business-oriented participants for 2500 PLN. Beyond the Standard ticket essentials, the ticket includes also access to the VIP Area.
      3. Selection is made by selecting the “Book ticket” icon. Thereupon selection of the cart is required. Then you proceed to checkout which is also the next and final stage of the registration process.
    2. Stage II – Checkout
      1. Coupon – If you have a coupon code, enter it by entering the code
      2. Participant data
        1. Mandatory information is indicated with a red asterisk. Required details include: first name, last name, organization name, country, e-mail address, phone, organization type
        2. Voluntary information to be collected includes: title/position in organization, primary objective for taking part in the event
        3. Mandatory information to receive an invoice if selected optional checkbox “Yes, I want to receive an invoice” include: organization name, street address, postal code, city, country, NIP/NIP EU/tax number
      3. Consent – the participant is asked to confirm that he/she has read and accepted the Terms and Conditions for Registration to the W4UA Summit as well as consent required by Polish law.
      4. Accommodation – the participant can also select this option to receive, via e-mail a accommodation offer.
      5. W4UA Summit Newsletter – the participant can also select this option to receive the event newsletter.
      6. Payment – the participant can also choose the payment method to finalize Stage II of the registration. Payment methods include:
        1. PayPal
        2. Blik
        3. Przelewy24
        4. Debit or credit card
      7. Payment completes the second and final stage of the registration process. The participant receives a confirmation e-mail with relevant information.
      8. Company invoices – may be received upon request.
    3. Final provisions relating to the registration process
      1. The Organiser reserves the right to refuse registration for the event for any reason.
      1. The closing date of registration will be decided by the Organiser.
      1. Registration to the event and consequent participation implies acceptance of certain risks thereby associated. This includes, but is not limited to, being exposed to the SARS-CoV-2 virus, other viruses, micro-organisms and bacteria. Relevant safety and sanitary precautions will be implemented by the Organizer. Medical support will also be on site throughout the duration of the event.

After registration is complete

  1. Each registered participant will receive his/her ticket by e-mail. The ticket has to be shown to the Organizers at the event registration desk and exchanged to an identification badge for the event.
  2. Participants are to carry their identification badge throughout the duration of the event – representatives of the Organizer may require the participant to present the badge. Not presenting a badge authorizes the event representative to request the person to leave the event and venue premise.
  3. The ticket type determines what type of access the participant receives to certain areas. Consecutive iterations of these terms and conditions will specify these in greater detail.
  4. It is forbidden to record, register audio-visual content without the Organizers consent. The same applies to taking photos.
  5. The Participant, by registering to the event agrees to the free, irrevocable and multiple use and distribution of photos and audio-video materials that capture his/her image. The material may be altered for enhancement purposes. The consent given is for an indefinite period of time.
  6. In the unlikely event that the participant loses, damages or gets his belongings stolen during the event, the Organizer is not responsible for such loss.
  7. Should the participant cause any damage to property, the participant is held liable to the amount of the incurred damage.
  8. The participant is obliged to comply with the venue health, safety and fire regulations.
  9. The participant is obliged to comply with the venue’s internal regulations if such a document is issued.
  10. In the capacity agreed upon with the venue, the Organizer has the right to perform all the organizational and logistical activities which are necessary to organize the event. Representatives of the organizer shall have the Organizer ID badge to distinguish them from regular participants.
  11. Any statements made by active or regular participants is to be considered the sole opinion of the individual that has issued said statement. The Organizer is not responsible for such statements.
  12. The Organizer is responsible the appropriate for the organization of the event organization in its entirety – including the appropriate selection of panellists, moderators, speakers.


  1. Cancellation is possible under the condition that an e-mail is sent to registration@w4ua.com within 14 days of purchase. Any request made after this time will make the request void.
  2. Return of the ticket fee by the organizer as a result of cancellation is to occur within 2 weeks from receiving and granting the cancellation request.
  3. Changes to the reservation may also be made – 10 days prior to the event at the latest. Requests should be sent to registration@w4ua.com.
  4. Any complaints shall be e-mailed to the Organizer to contact@w4ua.com. The Organizer shall consider the complaint within 14 days of receiving it.

Final provisions related to the event

  1. The Organizer reserves the right to change the Event date and Event venue in the event due to reasons that are beyond the Organizers control.
    1. This is especially in the unlikely event of a force majeure condition occurring: earthquakes, floods, wars, riots, terrorist attacks, revolutions, fires, declared pandemics, epidemics, epidemiological threats or other announced solutions related to the prevention, counteraction and control of infectious diseases, orders of state and/or local authorities, shipping embargoes, declared general strikes, natural disasters.
    2. This also applies to conditions that although do not fulfil the force majeure test, nonetheless could be reason enough to make relevant changes – e.g. where there is a threat that conditions in 1.1. can occur and it is in the public interest to make appropriate changes.
    3. The same applies in the event of a serious deterioration of safety conditions as a result of military activities in close proximity to the Polish border.
  2. The Organizer reserves the right to cancel the event in the unlikely event that the conditions beyond the Organizers controls set forth in 1.1-1.3 are to occur.
  3. In the event that the Event date and venue is changed, or the Event is cancelled due to conditions in the Organizers control – the Organizer shall return the fees paid by the Participants to the bank accounts indicated by them within 14 days of the condition occurring.
  4. In the event that the Event date and venue is changed, or the Event is cancelled due to conditions beyond the Organizers control the Participant is not entitled to compensation or reimbursement of any fees related to participation in the Event.
  5. The Organizer does not bear any responsibility for the Participant’s inability to participate in the Event for reasons beyond the Organiser’s control.
  6. The Organizer reserves the right to make appropriate changes to the events programme and composition.
  7. In matters not covered in these Terms and Conditions – the Polish Civil Code applies.
  8. Disputes are the be resolved in the forum where the Organizer is based.
  9. Registration to the event implies acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.
  10. Gathering and processing of personal data for this Event is subject to relevant Polish and EU regulations. More information may be found in our Privacy Policy.