The international forum on helping Ukraine – the World for Ukraine Summit 2022 will be held on December 7-9 at G2A Arena in Jasionka near Rzeszów. Social, economic and political leaders will talk about humanitarian aid tools and the integration of efforts to rebuild the country after the war.

The World for Ukraine Summit 2022 (W4UA) is a platform for broad, multilateral dialogue between non-governmental organizations, business and scientists as well as local government officials. It is guided by the idea to ​​”Unite to build the future” and the desire to unite various aid initiatives from around the world.

“Our region has played a special role in the support network since the beginning of the conflict, and the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, appreciated the commitment of Podkarpacie to help his compatriots. In May 2022, he awarded Rzeszów the title of the “City-Rescuer”. Pursuing our mission as a venue for international dialogue, we are organizing the World for Ukraine Summit 2022. We create a cooperation platform for various stakeholders actively involved in aid actions. By acting together, we simply can do more! ”- says Kamil Szymański, President of G2A Arena and organizer of the summit.

During the 3-day congress, representatives of international institutions and organizations will meet to talk about ongoing aid projects and ways in which they can complement and support each other. The summit is to contribute to multilateral cooperation between NGO’s, business and governments, so that support for Ukraine is coordinated and long-term. It has an open formula that assumes the inclusion of many entities in a cooperation network for the most important issues – immediate help for the population of the attacked country and the development of tools for its reconstruction.

The key issues that will be determined and discussed during the World for Ukraine Summit 2022 at the G2A Arena are tools and methods of cooperation for humanitarian aid, support for civil society in the post-war reality and the global consequences of the most serious military conflict in Europe after World War II. This will be accompanied by expert panels devoted to, inter alia, counteracting disinformation or supporting agriculture in the face of the crisis on the food market.

The G2A Arena Exhibition and Congress Center of the Podkarpackie region is located in the immediate vicinity of the Rzeszów airport, near the border with Ukraine, and as such has become a special place on the map of aid activities. From the beginning of the aggression against Ukraine, it has become a place of regular information meetings for non-governmental organizations or activities for people fleeing the war (including language courses for medics). It is here that conferences and meetings with key representatives of the world of politics, military and business from around the world are held, involved in helping. It was here that the historic visit of US President Joe Biden took place. The World for Ukraine Summit is another event that is to support the attacked Ukraine in a systemic and strategic manner on its way to peace and reconstruction of the country.

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